Gina Din signs up Orange Kenya as Safaricom shops for new PR agency

After more than a decade of collaboration, Kenya’s leading communications agency, Gina Din Corporate Communications (GDCC) and mobile giant, Safaricom, have announced the conclusion of their existing business relationship as GDCC has decided not to pitch for the business after over a decade of a strong partnership.

“Although our current business relationship may be over, we have developed personal relationships and a strong brand affiliation with the Safaricom team during our tenure as their communications agency. And we part ways in the very best of circumstances, with nothing but satisfaction and pride in what we have accomplished together,” said GDCC owner and founder, Gina Din-Kariuki, in a media release.


Gina Din-Kariuki, GDCC founder and CEO

Gina Din added that the “time has come for a fresh set of people and ideas to carry the Safaricom brand forward and for all of us at GDCC to take on a new set of challenges.”

The relationship between GDCC and Safaricom began in 1999, when Safaricom – started as a department of the now defunct Kenya Posts & Telecommunication Corporation (KPTC)- re-branded when it was incorporated as a private company and received their GSM mobile license.

During the more than 12 year since, Safaricom has grown and prospered through a number of key initiatives that have built the brand to be one of the country’s strongest and most recognizable names.

GDCC has been an integral part of this growth, playing a key role in the communication of the company’s milestones such as the launch of M-PESA, the setting up of the Safaricom Foundation and the successful execution of East Africa’s biggest IPO bid.

Through their long working partnership, the two firms have won several awards for outstanding PR campaigns.

“Gina and the team at GDCC have done a terrific job of integrating themselves into our business. They truly understand our brand and our industry and their ability to think out of the box has given both organisations a chance to successfully navigate unchartered territory and gain valuable experience along the way,” said Safaricom chief executive Bob Collymore.

GDCC’s service offering to Safaricom incorporated a wide area of communication disciplines. The agency has been responsible for corporate communications and leadership profiling that has seen past chief executive Michael Joseph and current head Bob Collymore become industry thought leaders and highly respected business leaders in the region.

In addition, the team at GDCC has worked closed with the Safaricom Foundation, supporting CSR opportunities and amplifying them appropriately, a key example here being during the “Kenyans for Kenya” initiative in 2011 which was hailed as a true testament to the power of Safaricom and GDCC relationship.

Maximising and leveraging combined resources, the country was mobilized into action to help end hunger in the region and take a support a workable solution to the crisis.

“We were privileged to champion this campaign and delighted that together with our client Safaricom, we could make a tangible difference and real contribution to our own people,” said Gina Din-Kariuki, adding that during the contract period, more than 40 GDCC staffers have had the opportunity to work on the Safaricom business.

She added that the “exposure and experience has given the staff and company the edge in terms of what to offer as an agency.”

But even as Safaricom leaves after the long partnership, GDCC has just signed up Orange Kenya from rival Ogilvy PR, part of the Scangroup.

The Safaricom account is currently out to pitch with a new agency expected to be announced in April 2012 and Gina Din Corporate Communications will officially complete their service obligations to Safaricom on 30 April 2012.

Rumours have it that the Safaricom account is set to be divided up into various business units and components, with each unit having a specific PR agency, a situation that could see say the Safricom Cloud business unit; Safaricom Foundation and even M-Pesa having different and own PR agencies handling them.

GDCC has also recently taken on a number of new clients including selected Unilever brands, GSK, L’Oreal and Siginon Freight.

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