DTB joins PesaPoint InterConnect system

A cardholder uses a PesaPoint ATM on a DTB ATM Machine. DTB has become the latest bank to join PesaPoint ATM Interconnect system which aims to convert ATMs to universal money machines.

PesaPoint’s new interconnect ATM system which is converting bank’s ATMs into universal cash machines that serve any customer is now live at DTB Bank, according to the bank’s group chief executive Nasim Dveji.

DTB has become the latest adopter of the PesaPoint ATM Interconnect system – lauded as pioneering in enabling both card payments and mobile money payments from Safaricom M-Pesa and Airtel Money in banks’ ATMs.

The partnership with PesaPoint Interconnect means that cardholders from any member PesaPoint institution can walk into a DTB ATM and access cash at standard PesaPoint fee.

Other ATMs that have been transformed into universal cash machines in Kenya, easily identified by the PesaPoint logo, include those of KCB and CfC Stanbic.

DTB believes this conversion of its ATM to universal cash machines will enable it serve a far wider range of customers and boost its returns from investment on its 31 ATMs, as Kenyans begin to recognize they can conveniently access their cash from any ATM showing a PesaPoint logo for an affordable fee.

Previously, non-DTB customers who accessed their money using DTB ATMs parted with between Ksh 150 and Ksh 200 as such transactions relied on international networks. They will now pay less than a third of this for the same transaction.

“We are excited to further extend our working relationship with Paynet Group in providing increased access to ATM transaction services to areas where we have limited access,” said Ms Devji.

The bank’s account holders will also be enabled to access their money from such banks as KCB, CFC Stanbic and at independent PesaPoint ATMs at low fees.

The PesaPoint interconnect service has also enabled cardless M-PESA and Airtel Money ATM withdrawal services on these now universal ATMs.

“Teaming up with Paynet Group to provide increased access to PesaPoint services is an exciting development for our company and will enable us increase the value we provide to our customers as well as PesaPoint members,” added Ms Devji.

PesaPoint Managing Director, Richard Coate said the service is also available at all KCB, NIC and CFC Stanbic ATMs which can now serve cardholders from over 32 financial insitutions at affordable ATM fees.

Cardless ATM withdrawal for Airtel and M-PESA services are also active at Fina bank ATMs thanks to the system.

“When ATMs from each of our 35 partner banks on the PesaPoint network are fully integrated into the new ATM sharing system, they will be able to serve any customer anywhere, at home-bank ATM fees. This will give customers more convenience and help realize the benefits of shared infrastructure for banking industry,” said Coate.

PesaPoint network now has over 700 ATMS from which card holders can access their money and is also the leader in card-less ATM transaction thanks to the integration of ATM withdrawal services for MPESA and Airtel Money on the system.


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