Telkom Orange targets corporates with new data service

Mickael Ghossein, Telkom Orange CEO

Telkom Orange has introduced a new service that will help corporates reduce costs on their operational expenditure and increase efficiency in their communication systems. The Orange Business Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a network access solution that allows organisations with more than one business operation to run their communication system on a robust, effective and reliable platform.

Orange has the most expansive broadband infrastructure in Kenya provided via the submarine cables (TEAMS, EaSSy and the soon to be commissioned LION II) as well as its expanding high quality wireless (GSM and CDMA) network across the country.

“The invention of products such as Orange Business VPN – Next Generation is driven by our innovative approach to meeting our corporate customers’ dynamic business requirements, coupled with the support of a highly skilled and creative workforce as well as an efficient network infrastructure that makes communication faster, reliable and affordable,’  said Telkom Kenya chief executive Mickael Ghossein.

Orange’s Business VPN offers a competitive edge due its technology capabilities that enables it to offer a myriad of converged data services including managed services, secure internet, seamless international connection and MPLS connectivity through mobile networks.

The service targets banks, education institutions, manufacturing companies and government parastatals that have multiple requirements.

“Cutting of costs for organisations comes through integrating the internet and VPN, which will in the long run help in reducing company costs on matters accessibility, bandwidth, operations and firewalls,” said Ghossein.

The service also assures customers of business continuity, optimised security, better control systems as well as enhanced performance once deployed into an organisation or business.

A key differentiation of the Orange Business VPN – Next Genration service in the local market is its secure access and flexibility through Orange Mobile networks, enabling communication services to accelerate business performance.

“The backup link to the service will also enable customers to reduce their expenditure in the acquisition of redundant links, in case the system goes down,” said Ghossein, adding that this will be ideal for a company with remote branches.

“Orange has also invested strategically in human and technological resource to further strengthen our Customer Care arm, guaranteeing our customers of 24/7 support,” said Ghossein, adding that the Business VPN client will be able to enjoy a host of support services: incident management, network management, network supervision, network monitoring and project management.


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