Google gives $ 350,000 to Kenya’s *iHub and KENET

SUPPORTED: Meoli Kashorda, the KENET managing director.Google has announced that it’s set to give $ 350,000 (Kshs 28 million) to Nairobi-based Innovation Hub (or *iHub) and Kenya Education Network (KENET) to help strengthen an independent internet community.

The contribution will enable both organisations to expand their infrastructure and purchase tools to better serve the developer and academic communities in Kenya.



The *iHub was founded just under 2 years ago and has grown tremendously to become the “go- to place” for all things “techie” in East Africa, with the space acting as home to many of Kenya’s young entrepreneurs, web and mobile programmers, designers and researchers. The *iHub also acts as a link to investors and venture capitalists who fund the most promising business proposals.

Google hopes that the funds will help the *iHub build a strong community that will develop products that are locally meaningful and relevant, and enable Kenyan developers to create local content.

KENET is a non-profit institution that connects educational institutions with a private, affordable high speed Internet network. It supports all the universities, tertiary and research institutions in Kenya and has invested more than $ 10 million into its network through several partners. KENET currently has six internet access points connecting over 80 learning institutions in Kenya.

Through Google’s contribution, KENET will improve the internet connectivity in 7 educational institutions in Kenya, including 4 brand new connections to the KENET network.

“We are very happy with the partnership we have with Google to support innovation and technology in Kenya. This contribution will help KENET improve the internet connectivity in six educational institutions in Kenya, leading to increased affordable broadband Internet access by students, faculty and researchers,” said Meoli Kashorda, the KENET managing director .

Google hopes that this support will help strengthen the developer and academic communities of the *iHub and KENET respectively. Google relies on the good work of organizations like these to help increase access to the internet and create locally-relevant content on the internet.



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