PR Alerts now available via mobile phones

Webaraza: Publishers of PR Alerts.

Kenya’s corporate news distribution service, PRAlerts, has launched a mobile application for journalists and media to receive real time announcements from all of the country’s leading PR agencies and corporate.

PRAlerts has quickly emerged as the market leader in real-time distribution of corporate news to Kenyan journalists, editors and newsdesks – at a time when thousands of websites are launched every day and corporates are vying for attention when issuing announcements for the media and public.

The service, part of the media information centre on Webaraza, is free to journalists and media houses and distributes all news announcements from every leading PR agency –  including Gina Din, Ogilvy, BluePrint, Silver Bullet, TellEm, TBWA, Africa Practice, Advanced PR and many others  – and is also used for direct distribution by corporates such as Airtel Kenya.

“Distributing press releases, photos, and video in real time to more than 400 Kenyan journalists and newsdesks, it has been vital to us to keep enhancing our means of delivery,” said Jenny Luesby, Managing Director of African Laughter, which owns and publishes PRAlerts.

The new phone app will deliver Kenya’s news announcements directly to journalists’ phones on either the Android or Windows platforms, beating the problems of clogged servers and email inboxes, and ensuring timely receipt of breaking corporate news leads anywhere and at any time.

As well as distribution to all media, PRAlerts holds the country’s press releases and corporate announcements in full on, where they now receive some 600,000 hits a month.

PR alerts is a pioneer PR wire service introduced in Kenya by African Laughter, a Kenyan Media and PR company. African Laughter is the biggest producer of online content in Kenya. The company owns six specialty websites and one portal, with more than 2 million page views a month.

For more information: Call 020-354 6834/ 0735 928 515 or Email: [email protected]


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