3 out of 4 Kenyans ready to share their locations online via mobile devices

Kenyans on the phone: The TNS Mobile Life study found that 74 per cent of Kenyans want to share their location.

Three quarters or three in four Kenyans with mobile devices are willing to share their location details online via their devices with their close friends, family members and business associates.

According to survey titled Mobile Life Study, conducted TNS Global and whose results were released this week, about 74 per cent of Kenyans who participated in the survey as respondents indicated their willingness to share their location status online.

According to TNS, the results reveal “big opportunities for business as location-based services are poised to go mainstream.” The report states that location-based services (LBS) have topped the global league as the mobile feature set to grow the most, with 60 per cent of those surveyed who don’t yet use the service globally saying that they want to start using the services in the future.

The annual Mobile Life study, which explores mobile use among 48,000 people in 58 countries – including those from Africa, shows that the majority of people around the world now recognise the value of sharing their location to benefit from a range of services.

The key findings, released on Tuesday this week and which can be found here show that the services and apps people use vary considerably from region to region.

The study results show that almost one fifth (19 per cent) of the world’s six billion mobile users are already using LBS, with more than three times this number (62 per cent) of people globally are aspiring to use LBS.

“In Kenya, only 8 per cent of mobile users currently use LBS but a huge 74 per cent would like to. LBS users are increasingly using services to enrich their social lives, with one in five (26 per cent) using it to find their friends nearby and 12% ‘checking in’ through platforms like Foursquare or Facebook places,” states the report.

It adds that savvy LBS users have realised that there is something to be gained from sharing their locations with brands and retailers – with one in five (20 per cent) in Kenya sharing their location in exchange for a deal or special offer, as nearly half of mobile users (47 per cent of 28.8 million subscribers according to latest Communications Commission of Kenya figures) stated that they would find mobile advertising interesting if it is offered them a deal near their current location.

Bob Burgoyne, TNS’ research and insights associate director noted: “We are really starting to see the emerging potential of location based services. People are realising that sharing their location could offer some kind of reward in terms of a discount or deal. It is the combination of time and context – directing people towards a deal when they can easily redeem it – that unlocks a powerful tool for marketers to develop precise targeting approaches. As smartphone ownership continues to grow in Kenya, it remains to be seen which companies will be capitalising on this opportunity.”

Mobile Life is an annual investigation into the behaviours, motivations and priorities of the world’s mobile phone users. Now in its seventh year, it’s comprehensive view of how the world’s consumers are using their phones today and the opportunities this presents for brands.


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