iWayAfrica‘s Vsat technology “King of the Jungle”

by Alex Owiti

AIRBORNE: One of the Rally cars which participated in the KCB Rally.

Last weekend‘s KCB Rally was held in the remotest of places in Kenya’s South Coast -Ukunda and the best communication platform needed was iWayAfrica’s Vsat technology.

With the best technical team, iWayAfrica Vsat technology was set up 70 kilometers in Kinango, Kwale away from Ukunda, the town centre and administrative headquarters for the rally.

And despite the hilly geographical nature of Kwale and its rough terrain which was best for rallying, iWayAfrica’s Vsat technology did not disappoint.

The set up was fast and when the bandwidth was allocated, the link was stable, fast and reliable for the Rally Time Controllers and officials monitoring the rally cars.

Vsat equipment was also set up at the Headquarters to assist the car tracking company and Aircraft Leasing Services (ALS) chopper managers to co-ordinate in case of an emergency response. The link was handy in tracking and monitoring of the Rally cars in the game reserves of Kwale-far and remote.

Vsat technology, which provides the satellite broadband, is the only technology that defies the barriers of terrain and geographical location, said Ken Munyi, Head of Business, iWayAfrica Kenya:

“Vsat is the only reliable technology when it comes to geographical set ups.The KCB rally in South Coast was held in the most interior part of Kenya and for you to have a reliable, effective and fast communication platform especially in a hilly place like Kwale, you need Vsat technology to effectively communicate. Unlike the fibre optics, Satellite broadband is still the most reliable and efficient broadband technology you can rely on in all geographical locations,” said Munyi.

Having sponsored the KCB Rally National Champions for the past seven years now, Munyi reiterated the significance of driving safety using IT technologies during Rallies especially with the use of reliable connectivity such as satellite technology.

“We’ve done this for the past seven years of sponsoring the Rally and the results of using our connectivity to achieve safety have been effective for the Rally organizers. And since safety is an important component during the Rally, we are still committed to providing our reliable and effective satellite broadband,” said Munyi.

Sharing the company’s vision of bridging the digital divide, Munyi indicated that sports was equally not unexceptional in embracing ICT to achieve organizational success, monitoring and evaluation.

At the same time, the journalists covering the event were able to relay the information back to their newsroom in real-time by using the same connectivity and monitoring the cars from the CarTrack website to get provisional results.

The media centre at the Rally was also powered using our satellite connectivity which proved reliable for relaying news back to the newsrooms for the journalists.

In May this year, iWayAfrica-Group won the Satcom Africa Star awards for being the best VSAT provider of the year, for the fifth consecutive year. The global award recognized iWayAfrica as a company within the satellite industry that has continued to grow satellite-enabled communication services in Africa.

The award recognized iWayAfrica as a company that provided exceptional customer service and being in a position to embrace client feedback to enhance high quality of service offering within the satellite industry.

Currently, iWayAfrica-Kenya is a one-stop shop for connectivity as they offer MPLS/VPN, Managed Connectivity, Security, data centre and disaster recovery services anchored on their satellite and terrestrial broadband technologies:

iWayAfrica, a pan-African corporate broadband provider with points of presence in more than 40 African countries, is a subsidiary of Telkom South Africa and is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

(The author is a Media Executive at GinaDin Corporate Communications)




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