Gallup to automate data collection in Africa

Gallup Africa Research Director Idi Pembere

Gallup‘s Africa office has invested heavily in innovation and technology in Africa with an aim to improve data collection from the field, record, organize and store responses data.

Gallup Africa Research Director Mr Idi Pembere said the company will equip all the data collecting staff members in the field with hi-tech Blackberry phones that will boost transmission of data collected in the field to their central database in head office.

The company has already hired internationally trained professionals who will help to build capacity of the new data management system that will boost in data collection, design and implement the Gallup’s new data management system.

Mr pembere said the blackberry handsets would be distributed to all research assistants who will be based in all the counties in Kenya after they have been trained on how to use them.

“This high tech blackberries will ensure our staff have telephone, SMS and e-mail access to the headquarters and with each other from any location,” said Pembere.

The phones also come with an inbuilt global positioning system (GPS) capability to assist the users accurately map all data collected in different locations around the country. Gallup Africa recently released survey on provincial administration in Kenya and are now working on other institutional research within universities in Africa.

Gallup, which has been in operation for 75 years, studies human nature and behavior and has a reputation for delivering relevant, timely, and visionary research on what people around the world think.


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