Morocco’s “Switchers” web series watched by 7 million people via YouTube

Switchers,”  the web series launched by inwi during the month of Ramadhan, has become widely popular since its launch three months, with the series attracting 7 million internet users who have been watching the first 11 episodes, the teaser and the preview trailer on YouTube.

The web series, which has a total of 15 episodes with only 12 having been put online so far, is inspired by real-life experiences of Moroccan young people and their relationship with the world of telecommunications. The series was put online in the “” mini site.

Since it launched in July 29, 2012, the series has registered 391,002 hits, with 226,475 unique visitors and more than 594,000 page views. The shows viewers have a direct access to the site or through Google, Facebook and YouTube.

The number of visitors peak every week when a new episode is posted online and during the announcement of each week’s lucky winner.

The series has also managed to expand the content of the multimedia platform and enhance the increasingly close relationship between inwi and its young subscribers. The project also strengthens inwi’s commitment in terms of innovation as the operator seeks to widen its web offerings and entertainment.

The show is all about the place of internet and smartphone services in our daily life – surfing, use of search engines, video platforms and social networks. The series has a synopsis highlighting all of the interactions through the frustrations of “Amine”, the series’ hero who manages to switch from one profile to another during the whole time of his adventure. Amine – a student without ambition, broke and with lots of hang-ups – is looking for meaning in his life. One day, like the others, while getting bored at school, he meets Anissa for whom he would be ready to change his life. The chellenge for Amine is how to win over this young lady from a well-off background. But a mysterious individual eventually offers him a smartphone and from then on, Amine gets on an adventure full of unexpected events.

Inwi is a Morocco-based mobile network operator with 10 million customers translating to 23 per cent of the mobile market share and 63.12 per cent of fixed lines market share.

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