Nokia 105 low-end phone now available in Kenya at Kshs 1,750

Nokia has announced that the Nokia 105 is now available for purchase in Kenya and the entire East Africa region. A successor to the highly successful Nokia 1280, the Nokia 105 features quality handset design, a durable, one-piece keymat and a long-lasting battery, making it ideal for first-time buyers.

The new handset is available in cyan or black and features a colour screen, which makes it unique when compared to other phones at its price point of Kshs 1,750. The Nokia 105 handset will be retailing at 63,000 in Uganda and 40,000 in Tanzania.
The phone features a 1.45-inch true color screen with a user-friendly interface. The single SIM’s other features are:

  • • FM radio (which requires a headset), up to five pre-loaded games, multiple alarm clock capabilities, a speaking clock and flashlight
  • • Standby time: up to 35 days
  • • Talk time: up to 12.5 hours

“With its bold colors and beautifully simple design, the Nokia 105 is a standout phone at a price point that makes it accessible to most consumers,” said Bruce Howe, General Manager Nokia East Africa. “It is a natural successor to the Nokia 1280, which helped more than a 100 million people become familiar with the trust and quality behind the Nokia brand. For East Africa, the Nokia 105 is a key device in our vision of connecting the next billion consumers.”

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