Bake Bloggers Awards 2012 versus 2013: Reflections

Judges of the 2013 BAKE Blog Awards: (From left to right) - Pinky Ghelani; Erik Hersman; Juliana Rotich and Philip Mwaniki.
Judges of the 2013 BAKE Blog Awards: (From left to right) – Pinky Ghelani; Erik Hersman; Juliana Rotich and Philip Mwaniki.

The second edition of the BAKE Bloggers awards were held on Saturday May 4 at the Southern Sun Hotel’s Royal Palm room. The inaugural session of the awards were hosted at Serena Hotel’s Allamanda Room. The 2012 Bloggers awards attracted 320 submissions while the 2013 edition had 700 entries, according to Bake Chair Kennedy Kachwanya.

While the Allamanda room was set up in cocktail format with décor provided by Google Kenya team (and of course accommodated less people), the Royal Palm room had chairs with all guests and nominees seating while facing the podium, and still had plenty of space left.

Blog Awards 2012 versus 2013 Winners




Topical Blog Category introduced in 2013.
Travel blog Category introduced in 2013.
Corporate blog
Creative Writing
Entertainment/Lifestyle Category introduced in 2013.
New Blog
Blog of the Year Category introduced in 2013.


Anyway, too much with the comparison of the venues.

Let me now focus on the event itself and subject of the day – blogging and bloggers as well as 2012 versus 2013 nominees and winners.

Let me beginning by stating here that this blog was a finalist in the Technology category in 2012 but never made it to the list in 2013…!!! Either I was not blogging consistently; my content was not relevant (useful to readers) or… (and most probably) better-run blogs and more insightful bloggers have since come into the scene to make the country’s ICT blogo-sphere to become more competitive.  The 2012 winner in the Technology category was which was unfortunately and just like AptanTech, not among the finalists in the 2013 edition of the awards.

And it wasn’t just this blog that was in the inaugural list but failed to impress in the second edition of the awards.

It doesn’t begin and end with aptantech however. Most of the finalists and winners in the 2012 edition of the awards were nowhere this time round.

Let’s first look at the list of winners in 2012. The full list of winners is here and juxtapose it against the 2013 winners’ list published here.

A keen analysis of the two lists reveals that only (Photography category) and (Fashion category) maintained their positions as winners in both 2012 and 2013.



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