Safaricom to reward subscribers in Kshs 500 million in 1-month “TETEMESHA” promo

tetemeshaSafaricom has announced the launch of a 30-day promotion dubbed Tetemesha which is open to all PrePay and PostPay customers where one lucky winner will walk away with the grand prize of Kshs.10 million.  A further 30 winners will take home Kshs.1 million each in a daily draw that will see many more customers win daily cash prizes ranging between Kshs.1,000 and Kshs.100,000 and airtime.

Participation in the TETEMESHA promotion will be automatic and based on direct airtime top up for PrePay subscribers and usage for individual PostPay subscribers. Customers will earn minimum 1 point for top ups between Kshs.10-19 and a maximum 100 points for top ups upwards of Kshs.1,000.Upon attaining 1000 points, customers will automatically be awarded a one off airtime bonus worth ksh1000.

Below is the breakdown of the TETEMESHA points:

Points table

Top Up Amount

Points Awarded

10/- to 19/- 1
20/- to 49/- 2
50/- to 99/- 5
100/- to 249/- 10
250/- to 499/- 25
500/- to 999/- 50
1000/- and above 100


*Ksh 1-9 top up will not earn you any point.

“We are really excited about  the Tetemesha promotion,it is our way of saying thank you to our over 19 million customers for their support and loyalty. We do not take our customers for granted and this is one of our many ways of expressing our gratitude.” said Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore when launching the promo.

Winners of the grand prize of Kshs.10million, cash prize of Kshs.1million and  Kshs. 100,000 will be contacted through the promotion number 0729 333 333 while winners of cash prizes between Ksh. 10,000, Ksh. 5,000 and Ksh. 1,000 will be notified through an SMS from Safaricom and the money sent through M-PESA.

When expressing his concern on the potential for fraud during the promotion , Mr. Collymore added “As with all other promotions, we would ask our customers to remain vigilant against fraudsters seeking to take advantage of the excitement generated by the Tetemesha promotion and we remind our customers not to pay any money to anyone in order to get prizes. Our customer care team is available 24 hours a day to answer any queries on the promotion”.

 The promotion will run from May 8 to June 6 2013. The points will be calculated based on the amount of Top Up for PrePay customers and based on accumulated usage for individual PostPay customers.  For PrePay customers, the top up notification will have an update on the number of points accumulated.  You can also check the points balance by sending an SMS with the word balance to 144. For individual PostPay subscribers, send an SMS with the word balance to 200 or dial *200#. The points are accumulated and will be carried forward throughout the Promotion Period. Draws will be conducted daily except for weekends and public holidays when the draws will be conducted on the next weekday or working day as the case may be.




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