AfriNIC, AfNOG to host Africa Internet Summit in Lusaka on June 9 – 21, 2013

The AIS'13 logo
The AIS’13 logo

AFRINIC – African Network Information Centre and  AfNOG (African Network Operators Group) are set to host the inaugural edition of the Africa Internet Summit in Zambia.

The first edition of the Africa Internet Summit – AIS’13 – will be held in Lusaka, Zambia, from June 9 – 21, 2013. The meeting will be held at the InterContinental Hotel in Lusaka, Zambia. The focus this year will be the role and impact of the Internet in African development.

The Africa Internet Summit is the premier multi-stakeholder event combining conference, training and networking for the Internet industry. The annual summit attracts internationally renowned speakers to share knowledge and experiences on technology developments, changes, uses and effects.

AFRINIC-18, AFRINIC’s 18th Public Policy Meeting and the 14th African Operators Group – AfNOG-14 will also be housed under the AIS’13 banner.

Among the highlights for the AIS’13 are:

–        Trainings and workshops

–        Presentations on technology developments

–        Uses and impact

–        Cyber security

–        Internet Protocol version six (IPv6)

–        Internet number resources management

–        Policy discussions

–        Internet Governance

–        DNSSEC

–        RPKI and Routing Registry

–        Internet Infrastructure

–        And many more…

afrinicThe event will also include the seventh meeting of the African Government Working Group (AfGWG), with the intention of strengthening the collaboration between AFRINIC, African Governments and regulators. The meeting will be is two parts, part one being closed and dedicated to regulators and governments, while the second part of the meeting will be open to all.

The annual summit attracts internationally renowned speakers to share knowledge and experiences on technology developments, changes, uses and effects. Experts from different sectors, both public and private, ICT Industry leaders and technical experts including Internet Service Providers (ISP), government, regulators, academia, business, civil society, and interested groups, among others are expected to attend this major event. It is a great opportunity for networking among peers and businesses.

The AIS addresses the current and future needs of operators from the ICT industry. It is open to members and entrepreneurs in ICT, the business community and civil society. The AIS is focused on popular and emerging ICT industries such as mobile telephony and its impact around the world. It is the ideal platform for networking and keeping abreast with cyber security.

While the Internet will remain at the centre of the discussions, workshops and various meetings, the event will also deal with other important matters relating to emerging technologies, particularly mobile telephony, their use, and how they can contribute to both social and economic development in Africa. The forum thus aims at meeting the ever-changing expectations of the ICT Industry and goes beyond core IP engineering to integrate the real world use and impact of IP technologies. The AIS includes sessions that cover business and technical aspects of the Internet: Policy, Content and Names, Internet Numbers, Research, Infrastructure, Capacity building, and Security.


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