Distimo’s Top Performing Global Apps – May 2013

Christel Schoger
Christel Schoger

Following the past months, Distimo has – through its blog – presented the top performing applications for May 2013. An analytical post by Distimo’s Christel Schoger – which we reproduce here – highlights the leading applications of the three categories: free, paid, and grossing in both major stores, Google Play and the Apple App Store (for iPhone & iPad), based on data covering the full month of May on a globally aggregated level.

For those of you interested in data about the most popular free, paid and grossing applications on daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly levels, Distimo’s leaderboards are a great resource for further research. These leaderboards list applications and publishers per country and per category for the Apple App Store for iPhone, the Apple App Store for iPad and Google Play.
Combining the data from the monthly leaderboards across all countries with enriched Distimo AppIQ data allows us to analyze the most successful apps worldwide, as presented in this blog post.

Top Free Applications

King.com Limited remains the king of top free applications in the Apple App Store with their app: Candy Crush Saga on rank 1. The new application Fast & Furious 6: The Game by Kabam is currently ranked on 2, followed by Gameloft’s Iron Man 3 on rank 3. YouTube is continuously listed – this month on rank 4. A new member can be found on rank 5: Angry Birds Friends by Rovio. This app was just published in the beginning of the month and made it already to the most popular free apps for May.




For the Google Play store the leading positions for free applications did not change. Facebook is still ranked on 1 and WhatsApp Messenger is ranked on 2, just as last month. The steady high popularity of the WhatsApp Messenger was interesting enough to take a deeper look, you can find the results in our latest publication.

Further in the rankings the Facebook Messenger App can be found on rank 3 skipping Skype, which is now on rank 4. Candy Crush Saga (the leader of the free Apple App Store applications) made it on rank 5 (surpassing Instagram) as the only game in company of the leading communication/ social networking apps.

Comparing both stores, we can confirm the trend from previous months: the leading category in the free Apple App Store ranking is gaming, whereas Google Play’s top 5 is strong on communication and social networking.

Top Paid Applications

The WhatsApp Messenger application remains the most popular paid application in the Apple App Store. The following leading positions continue to have a strong presence in the game category. Along with this, we can welcome Heads Up! by Warner Bros. as a new top game ranked on 2. While Minecraft holds its position on rank 3, Survivalcraft, a new published game in this category, follows on rank 4 about one month after the initial release in May. The new entry from last month: Pou was able to keep a position in the top listing on rank 5.



All top 5 Google Play paid applications listed have been the same since March, but the order has changed once again. Swift Key Keyboard continues to lead the ranking followed by Titanium Backup PRO Key root on rank 2. The Music application Poweramp reconquers its previous position on rank 3 above the Nova Launcher on rank 4 and Minecraft – the only game – is found on rank 5 in May.



Similar to the top 5 there weren’t many changes in the top 10 either. The only new entry in the most popular paid applications on Google Play is Swype Keyboard, listed on Rank 7.

As the gaming category is strongly represented in the Apple App Store again, the leading categories for paid applications on Google Play show a broad mix, focused on productivity and tools, music, personalization, with a weaker presence of games.

Most Revenue Generating Applications

Based on our estimations in line with the public announcement of the great success GungHo is seeing, Puzzle & Dragons is the top revenue generating application in the Apple App Store. King.com Limited follows closely with Candy Crush Saga on rank 2 in a neck-and-neck race with Supercell’s Clash of Clans, which is now on rank 3. Supercell’s second app ranked in the top revenue category is Hay Day on rank 4. In May we can also present another new member to watch: Kabam entered the top 5 with The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth on rank 5.

The most revenue generating applications are frequently free apps with in-app purchases. All applications in this top 5 use the freemium business model. Looking at the revenue on a more detailed level e.g. for Candy Crush Saga, we can point out that two thirds of the revenue are generated through the iPad app and one third comes in from the iPhone app.

The top ranking for apps with the most revenue for Google Play has also some new names to list in May. As opposed to the free and paid top rankings, gaming apps prove to be successful on Google Play when it comes to total revenue. Just as last month, the messenger application LINE is surrounded by only games in the top 5 revenue generating applications.

All data presented in this report is available in Distimo AppIQ.

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