Kenya Tourism Board unveils “MagicalKenya” mobile app to enhance e-tourism in Kenya

MagicalKenya Mobile App: To download the App Visit:
The MagicalKenya Mobile App: To download the App Visit Here.

The Kenya Tourism Board has unveiled its first mobile application aimed at boosting visits to the country, by providing tourists a platform in which they can share experiences from their holidays.

The Magical Kenya App is also designed to make the visitor’s experience more seamless by providing tourists with to access the latest and most essential information built on 5 key categories such as generic information about Kenya , Destinations, what to do, what to see and a directory service for the tourism industry, all at their fingertips.

KTB MD Muriithi Ndegwa said that the application presents a new facet of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), by taking advantage of the increased mobile phone penetration and usage of internet based functionalities.

“Almost half the population of the earth now uses mobile communications. A billion mobile subscribers were added in the last 4 years to leave the total standing at 3.2 billion- with much of the growth attributed to the use of data. It is therefore imperative that we use this ubiquitous tool of communication to market in Kenya,” said Muriithi.

The MagicalKenya app, which works on the both Android and iOS platforms, also works as a trip planner and journal for users to build an itinerary and document travels through photos, maps and video, with location features on their phone to connect with local businesses, hotels, restaurants and many other related tourism service providers.

“It is the perfect travel companion, helping you explore Kenya whether one is preparing for a trip to Kenya, already in the country or simply one is curious and wants to learn more about this beautiful destination”, Muriithi added.

In addition, the app makes your experience truly unforgettable by creating a souvenir video that can be integrated with popular social media site; Facebook.

Tourism related service providers can list their business on the Magical Kenya App.



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