Huawei Kenya office supports wildlife conservation efforts by sponsorship of Safaricom Marathon 2013

Athletes at a past Lewa Marathon.
Athletes at a past Lewa Marathon.

The company has contributed over USD 600,000 towards the initiative for the Last 6 Years

Huawei has announced its participation in this year’s Safaricom Marathon for the 7th consecutive year. The 14th marathon which will take place on the 29th of June under the theme ‘Run wild for the wild’ is expected to draw thousands of participants from all over the world.

Safaricom Lewa Marathon is an annual event that takes places in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy that attracts competitors and spectators from all over the world. Known for its difficult terrain and hard climate, it makes it ‘one of the top ten races to run in your life’. The main purpose of the marathon is to support the conservation of wildlife in the conservancy.

Since 2008, Huawei Kenya has contributed over USD 600,000 (Ksh 49,800,000). In addition, Huawei sponsors at least 3 categories each year, which has seen the company scoop the award for the highest contributor corporate category twice. In addition, three corporates teams comprising of Huawei staff and management will participate in the half marathon race. The marathon creates a platform for their staff to bond and boost team spirit in a multi-cultural environment. For three months, the teams have trained together in preparation for the marathon.

“The marathon’s main purpose is to support wildlife conservation, in a time when wildlife faces extinction and each day their numbers are declining. As corporate citizen operating in Africa, and Kenya in particular, we have a responsibility to preserve the heritage of the continent.” Said Wind Li, the CEO of Huawei in Kenya. “Environmental Sustainability generally is a key pillar of our Corporate Social Responsibility, making the marathon of key interest to our company,” he added.

The proceedings from the marathon have also supported initiatives in education, health, and community development.

According to the Kenya Wildlife Service June statement on status of wildlife conservation, 137 elephants and 24 rhinos have been lost to poaching since January this year.  In addition, 5,842kg of ivory and rhino horns have been recovered, with 123 suspects arrested in connection with these seizures. At the same time, 22 firearms and 1,141 rounds of ammunition have also been recovered from poachers. This is testament of the importance of supporting initiatives such as the Safaricom marathon to protect wildlife.




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