Opera Mini users migrate to Android in Indonesia

In recent years, Indonesia has experienced a significant increase in smartphone owners using Opera Mini, with stats indicating that the number of Indonesian Opera Mini users on smartphones increased more than 180% year over year from May 2012 to May 2013.

Today, Android users make up the second largest platform demographic surfing the web with Opera Mini in Indonesia.

Some key facts from the State of the Mobile Web report with focus on Indonesia:

  • Following technological development, basic-phone users are now migrating to Android. Last year, Opera Mini experienced a 190% hike in Android usage, the highest growth rate among all other platforms.
  • Men love Android phones! Approximately 81% of Indonesian Android users are men, aged 25-34, living in urban areas.
  • Most Android users are surfing the internet to access information, visit e-commerce websites, and – above all – socialize with their friends and loved ones on social-media networking sites. 68% of pages viewed by Opera Mini users are from Facebook.

To read more about the Indonesian surfing habits, plus get an overview with an infographic, please visit this link.

Growth of Opera Mini

In June 2013, there were over 251 million Opera Mini, Opera for Android and Opera Mobile Classic users. The Opera Mini users in this group viewed over 170 billion webpages in this period.

Since the Opera Mini web browser for mobile phones compresses pages, at a rate where the compressed webpage may be only ten percent of its original size, this amount of data would have been as high as 13 petabytes uncompressed.


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