And here’s “Doodly Doo” App for Android users to draw emotions instead of texting

Doodly1For those who are tired and bored of the routine brought about by just sending texts, here is a new and exciting way to convey not just messages but emotions as well via Android phones by enabling you to doodle (draw or sketch).

India’s IT firm Neuv has develop an Android App called “Doodly Doo,” a cross platform chat application which lets users doodle instead of text in a chat. It offers huge library of images, emojis and rage faces. It also allows users to add maps, websites and Google images to the chat. It plays back the doodle on the receivers screen exactly the same way it was drawn.  

With the Doodly Doo app, you can express your emotions with a unique personal touch and share it with the ones you love without any barriers.

The Neuv Doodly Doo app presents users with a  screen to draw or write a message on a background of their choice while also giving you a variety of options to use as your background including:
– Greeting Cards
– Pictures
– Web Pages
– Google Images
– Maps
– Rage Faces
– Smiley’s
– Fun Doodles drawn by artists from all over the world.

Doodly Doo Demo Video


There is absolutely no need to invite your friends to use the app. The messages will play back on their devices even if they don’t have the app.

Below is a step-by-step guide and illustration on how to use Doodly Doo:



doodly 5 doodly2 doodly3 doodly4Going forward, Neuv’s targets for the next three months is to work with the creative community by signing up with 500 artists/illustrators across the globe in the next 90 days and also sign up with at least 100 celebrities in the next 90 days.



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