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smartphone shoppingWhen you are out shopping, your smartphone can be a very handy device to have. Not just because you can stay in touch with all of your contacts, but because when equipped with the right technology and apps, your smartphone can actually enhance your in-store shopping experience.

These days, it seems like there is an app for everything. With so many different mobile app developers, and great mobile ad networks like Appnext , there are many ways for developers to market their free or paid software to interested users who are eager to benefit from the convenience these apps provide.
Two fantastic apps that have really revolutionized the in-store experience are those related to NFC technology and QR codes. Both of these technologies have helped to make browsing and buying at bricks and mortar stores quick and convenient. NFC, which stands for near field communications, is a technology that is becoming more widely available in stores. It is primarily used for the purpose of allowing consumers to make purchases with their mobile phone. Many premium smartphone devices are NFC enabled. They contain an NFC chip that allows the device to exchange data with the store’s NFC reader.

With a compatible mobile payments or mobile wallets app, these smartphones give users the ability to buy their merchandise with a simple tap of their phone, and nothing more. Thus, with no need to take out a wallet, NFC can accelerate the checkout process.

QR codes, or quick response codes, are unique square bar codes that can provide consumers with a lot of online information about a certain product, service, etc. to which the code is linked. To access the information from the small bar code, smartphone users require a special app that scans and reads QR codes. Scanning these codes in stores is a fast and easy way to review products online before purchasing.


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