“AfricaNews” portal to close down in September 2013, transform to “Africa Interactive”

africanewsAfter less than a decade since its launch in 2007, the Africa News portal is set to close down in September this year due to what its publishers attribute to challenges of “resources and time.”

For all its users, this will be difficult news to deal with as it had a significantly huge following – as seen from its Alexa.com page rank of 267,644 globally and a remarkable rank of 1,202 in Ghana (as at August 15) with over 1,000 websites linking in.

However, its sister website – Africa Interactive , an interactive platform which carries international, interactive and multimedia content focused on Africa – will continue from where Africa News has left off.

Below is the announcement from the publisher, Pieter van Twisk, CEO Africa Interactive:

We are closing our news portal August 2013
Dear reporters and readers, I regret to inform you that from the beginning of September 2013, we will close down our news portal AfricaNews.com. When we launched AfricaNews.com in 2007, we had the dream of creating a censor free online platform on which African reporters could showcase their work to the rest of the world. We strongly felt that too often it is only Western journalists commenting on African affairs, and not enough are the voices of African journalists actually heard.


We still believe that an African perspective and a pan-African news platform would be of great value to Africans whether in Africa or abroad, or for that matter, to non-Africans who show interest in this wonderful continent.


To build and develop such a dream requires a substantial investment both in terms of time and money. Up until now, unfortunately we have not been able to raise these resources and have therefor not been able to develop AfricaNews to its full potential, or even maintain it on an acceptable level of quality. For that reason, we see no other option than to have to regrettably close down the present site for now.


We will however continue to look for a possible future restart of AfricaNews and would for that reason like to keep your profile in our database. Also, Africa Interactive is growing and still doing well. In the past we have been able to support local media professionals with paid assignments and will continue to do so. For that reason too, we would like to keep your profiles in our database. Should you nevertheless want us to remove your profile from our database, we would like you to remove it yourself or send a short email to: [email protected].


If you want to remove your content from our website you can do so until the first of September 2013. After this period the site will disappear and you will not be able to login to our website or to your personal page or blog.


We still have faith in the potential of a pan-African website and will continue to see if we can realize our ambition in the future. Should such an opportunity appear we will of course inform all of you in due time.


I would like to thank you all for the time and effort you put into AfricaNews. For now the site may disappear, but the dream remains.


Kind regards,


Pieter van Twisk

CEO Africa Interactive




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