Huawei to deploy Zain Kuwait’s network that adopts IP and OTN synergy in Middle East


The Zain Kuwait homepage
The Zain Kuwait homepage

Huawei and Zain Kuwait have announced plans to build a unified all-IP mobile bearer network in Kuwait. On the bearer network, the backbone network adopts the 100G IP and OTN synergy technology – thereby making Zain Kuwait the first MNO to deploy a 100G E2E network that adopts IP and OTN synergy in the Middle East. 

According to a media release issued on August 15, Zain Kuwait became the first operator to provide long term evolution (LTE) services in Kuwait at the end of 2012. Zain’s network comprises GSM, UMTS, and LTE mobile networks. With the rapid development of mobile broadband services, Zain wants to build a unified all-IP bearer network that covers a full range of services with ultra broadband and efficient resource utilization.

Huawei provided Zain with the all-IP bearer network solution, including a comprehensive series of routers. Besides providing bearer for mobile services, the solution can effectively support Zain’s business development in the future, support the next generation LTE-A service, and provide bearer for fixed-network services and bandwidth lease services. This lays a solid foundation for Zain to provide full range of services.

The backbone network adopts the industry-leading 100G E2E IP and OTN synergy solution. With the deployment of high-end routers and 100G wavelength division equipment and effective traffic synergy between IP and OTN (wavelength division) sides, the solution provides huge bandwidth and significantly improves bearer efficiency of the backbone network. Furthermore, the network protection, fault location, rapid synergy deployment, and simple operation and maintenance provided by the synergy solution greatly reduce the cost of network operation and maintenance.

Hani El-Kukhun, Zain Kuwait’s COO, said: “As our LTE subscribers grow in our network and overall data multiplies in demand, we realize the growing pressure this puts on our backhaul. Our radio capabilities need to be able to cater for these growing demands which have been carefully planned, but now it is time to unify our backhaul to be able to provide end to end quality of service and a seamless end user experience. Our unified transmission network that we have selected from Huawei gives us the capabilities to cater for today and the future growing demands of data in our backhaul network. The total unified IP end to end network will be one of the most advanced in the region.”

Even though it sold off most of its African affiliates to Airtel Africa, the Zain Group still has operations in Sudan; South Sudan; Saudi Arabia; Morocco; Lebanon; Kuwait; Jordan; Iraq and Bahrain.

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