Dr Bitange Ndemo to sit on ICANN’s Multi-stakeholder Innovation panel

Dr Bitange Ndemo.
Dr Bitange Ndemo.

Just a few weeks after his recent appointment as honorary chair of Alliance for Affordable Internet (A4AI), Kenya’s former permanent secretary in the ministry of information and communications, Dr Bitange Ndemo, has now been named by a ICANN as a member of its Multi-stakeholder Innovation team.

ICANN Multistakeholder Innovation panel will examine how Internet policy related to unique identifiers might be best managed in the future and propose new models for broad, inclusive engagement, consensus-based policymaking and institutional structures to support such enhanced functions. It will also design processes, tools and platforms that enable the global ICANN community to engage in these new forms of participatory decision-making.

The panel will be chaired by Beth Simone Noveck, founder and director of The Governance Lab with other members being Alison Gillwald, Executive Director at Research ICT Africa; Joi Ito, Director at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab; Karim Lakhani, Lumry Family Associate Professor of Business Administration, Harvard University; Guo Liang, Director, China Internet Project and Geoff Mulgan, CEO of Chief Executive, National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts.

Dr Ndemo is among 40 diverse practitioners, subject matter experts, and thought leaders named by ICANN to its Strategy Panels to support development of the organisation’s strategic and operational plans.

The ICANN Strategy Panels will serve as an integral part of a framework for cross-community dialogue on strategic matters. Designed to conduct work in critical strategic areas identified by the community, Board, and staff, the work of these panels will build on public input being generated to inform a new, overarching vision and five-year strategic plan.

Apart from Multistakeholder Innovation, other ICANN panels named today include Identifier Technology Innovation and Public Responsibility Framework.

Then there’s ICANN’s Role in the Internet Governance Ecosystem panel – to be chaired by Google’s Vinton Cerf and whose members include among others Adiel Akplogan, CEO of  AfriNIC and Alice Munyua, chair of the Kenya Internet Governance Steering Committee.



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