NIC Bank’s clients get more convenience with “NIC NOW” mobile app

nicNIC Bank has introduced a new mobile application that will enable its customers to transact via their handheld devices. Dubbed NIC NOW, the mobile app offers a convergence of solutions delivering both banking services and lifestyle information on mobile devices.

NIC NOW app is available for all NIC Customers with Android, iOS, and Blackberry as well as all Windows smartphones. Extending use to other smartphones available in the market, the application will also be availed to smartphone users who will receive an activation key and start PIN to access the service.

The app also comes with informative and fun features including news, cinema guides as well as religious verses from the Bible and Quran.

“With mobile services and sales rapidly growing we expect that more than half of everyday transactions will be through the phone. This adoption to new-age banking, innovative and personalized multi-channel banking experience on ATM, Internet, and now the mobile app and social media interface will help drive NIC Bank’s new media strategy,” said John Gachora, NIC Bank MD.

The bank has been running on the popular (*488#) USSD mobile banking platform that it looks to phase out and replace with Elma – an application developed locally by Craft Silicon.

“The increase in smartphone usage has prompted the Bank to move towards the provision of an application that is not dependent on their mobile service provider. The concept of convenience banking has since shifted from the physical branches to the mobile phone, which is now an integral part of our lives,” he added.

Elma is not tied to a particular mobile service network and gives an increased level of interactivity with bank accounts. Key features of the application include heightened speed of transactions through the app – including MPESA – take less than 60 seconds and RTGS also take only a few minutes compared to functions on the USSD platform as well as the ability to function on a cross section of smart phones.

The NIC NOW enables users to access account balances and also conduct M-Pesa transactions.



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