Vodacom Tanzania, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) in network upgrade deal

Rene Meza, Vodacom Tanzania MD.
Rene Meza, Vodacom Tanzania MD.

Tanzania’s Vodacom has entered into a network upgrade deal with Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) to enhance its voice and data quality.

Using Nokia Solutions and Networks’ Single RAN (radio access network), Vodacom has upgraded its GSM and 3G HSPA network across the country. NSN’s advanced radio network infrastructure and comprehensive services have enabled the operator to further improve its network capacity as well as coverage.

Said Rene Meza, Vodacom Tanzania MD: “To achieve this, we selected NSN, as it has proven capabilities in the domain. NSN’s radio network equipment and services have ensured a higher performance network so that we can maintain our competitive edge in Tanzania.”

“Our technology and services expertise address Vodacom Tanzania’s twin objectives –ensuring the highest network quality possible and doing so at a lower cost,” said Pete Beadle, customer team head of Vodcom Tanzania at NSN. “Our base station improves network capacity and throughput for enhanced voice call and mobile broadband experience. In addition, it reduces capital and operating costs for Vodacom Tanzania as the base station is extremely compact, requiring minimal floor space, and consumes 70 per cent lesser energy than before.”

Under the contract, NSN has provided Vodacom Tanzania with its Single RAN platform, which is based on its Flexi Multiradio Base Station. The base station runs GSM and 3G services concurrently and is future-proof since it is also capable of running 4G services in the future. NSN has also deployed its NetAct network management system to enable consolidated monitoring, management and operation of Vodacom Tanzania’s network. To ensure Vodacom Tanzania’s network quality, NSN continues to provide its comprehensive managed services, while network design planning and optimization as well as network implementation, and care services are part of the present deal.



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