Movitel receives Competitive Strategy Leadership Award

movitelUS-based Frost and Sullivan recently presented Mozambique’s Movitel with the Competitive Strategy Leadership award in mobile communications in Cape Town, South Africa. Movitel’s strategy of extending service coverage received a 9-out-of-10 mark from Frost and Sullivan.

The panel commended Movitel by stating:  “Movitel has been very smart to invest in the future with its strategy on popularising its telecommunication service for a majority of the Mozambicans who are low-income earners. Instead of promoting the service only in urban areas and among high-income earners, Movitel has expanded its network to widely introduce its service through many social programmes such as free Internet for schools or subsidised service charges. This enables rural people to access their services to improve their life and they then become customers.”

Movitel has provided mobile coverage to 80 per cent of the new subscribers in Mozambique, generating over 20,000 jobs for rural people while millions of teachers, pupils and students have used its services through the free internet programmes at 4,200 schools nationwide. Nearly 70% of the telecommunication infrastructure in Mozambique was built by Movitel enabling 30% of the country’s communes to get access to network coverage.

Movitel CEO Safura Da Conceicao said: “This is the award for the telecommunication sector and the people of Mozambique for their endless efforts during the past period. Movitel has been granted the award on behalf of them. This is the honour for Mozambique and I would like to convey Movitel’s sincere gratitude to the government, relevant branches, the people, our customers and other telecommunication companies who have supported Movitel,” said Safura.

Frost and Sullivan’s Competitive Strategy Leadership Award is among the category of Best Practice Award granted by the market research consulting firm. The annually announced award was granted to Movitel for its achievements during its first year of operations in Mozambique.


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