App revenues: Apple’s App Store leads Google Play in September

distimoBy Tiuri van Agten

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The vast majority of all revenue generated in the Apple App Store and Google Play came from games in September 2013. In terms of total global revenue generated by games, the Apple App Store has been taking the lead compared to the revenue of Google Play. When combining the revenue in the Apple App Store and Google Play, 63% of that revenue was generated by the Apple App Store. 92% of the revenue in the Apple App Store was generated by in-app purchases.


Looking at the Top 400 Overall Grossing, 48% of all apps in the Top Overall were games and those apps generated 92% of the revenue for Google Play in September 2013. For the Apple App Stores (average of iPhone and iPad), 52% of the apps in the Top Overall were games and these apps generated 79% of the revenue.


Market size of games across the globe

Although games are popular in all countries, revenue shares by games are dependent on country and region. Taiwan led the pack when it came to games in terms of combined revenue share – 89% of the revenue was gained by games in Google Play and 84% in the Apple App Store. Germany performed the lowest in terms of revenue share by games. Instead of spending their money on games, Germans preferred to never risk getting lost, as navigation apps were significantly more popular in Germany than in other countries. In general, Asian countries had a higher revenue share for games compared to European countries.


And there is more….

If you are curious what the download share is for games, which other categories are listed in the top 5 most downloaded categories and which game genre is generating the most revenue in the Apple App Store and Google Play, please download the full monthly report here.

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