ICT Authority seeking consultants for Kenya Open Data portal

open_dataThe Kenya government, through the ICT Authority, has invited interested firms to submit bids to provide consultancy services for the Kenya Open Data portal.

According to the announcement, titled Expression Of Interest For Consulting Services,  the successful firm will provide various services for the Open Data Initiative – including design programs to support outreach to citizens; generate demand-driven engagement and partnerships and promote co-creation as a tool to create new products and services.

The contract will have two components: co-ordination of the Open Data Task Force(the body tasked with leading the continued success of the open data initiative) and co-ordination of Open Data Fellows, a program to embed technologists in specific ministries and sectors to building open data applications.

The deadline for submitting bids is November 8th 2013.

The Open Data Portal was launched on July 8, 2011. The portal makes several large government data sets available to researchers and the general public. The data is available online in a flexible, user-friendly platform that allows data users to view data at national, province, county levels, compare different data sets, create maps and other visualizations, and directly download underlying data for their own uses.  The portal is the first and largest government data portals in sub-Saharan Africa.

With this launch, Kenya has become one of the leading developing countries in the movement towards open data that is gathering momentum globally. The Government of Kenya has embraced the move toward open government by promoting transparency and accountability throughout government. By adopting ICT in critical areas of service delivery, the Government of Kenya has began to make progress towards improving transparency and creating open access.

The project is implemented under the World Bank-funded Kenya Transparency & Communications Infrastructure Project (KTCIP) programme.


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