Kenya’s developers can now use Distimo’s API to track their app revenues

distimoDistimo has announced the opening of its API to everyone – whether you’re a new or existing Distimo user, with or without apps – meaning that everyone can now use its API to track app market data for free.

The Distimo API – which can be used for gathering analytics, analyzing market trends or generating leads – can be accessed using any programming language of the user’s choice.

With the API, Distimo App Analytics users can access data including, downloads, revenues, rankings and reviews for their own apps, which can be broken down by country, continent, app store, app, device, and time frame.


On top of data for their own apps, Distimo’s AppIQ customers can see daily download and revenue estimations of any app. Those who are not developers but are keen on global app trends can still connect to the API, thereby accessing publicly available ranking data for any app globally.

The advantage of using the tool is that it allows one to store data collected from Distimo into their own data storage or analytics solutions while large developers can use Distimo as their core reporting API for internal analytics solutions.


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