GOtv reaffirms commitment to digital migration process

Felix Kyengo, GOtv GM
Felix Kyengo, GOtv GM

Following High Court Judge David Majanja’s decision to stop the planned Nairobi analogue TV signal switch-off set for Friday December 13, GOtv Kenya has moved to reaffirm its commitment to the digital migration exercise.

In a statement, GOtv Kenya GM Felix Kyengo said that the payTV service provider remains committed to the migration.

“GOtv remains committed to the digital migration process in Kenya and has been preparing for months to ensure that it is able to provide world class digital services to television viewers in Nairobi,” said Kyengo, adding that GOtv will continue to offer affordable decoders which provide consumers with an easy and accessible method of migrating from analogue to digital television.

He added: “It is important that consumers ensure that they buy the necessary equipment as soon as possible to avoid the last minute rush when the analogue signals are switched off.”





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