Mobile users urged to maximize use of applications to improve lives

EyeBall's Marketing's Martin Muli, organiser of the Digital Fair.
EyeBall’s Marketing’s Martin Muli, organiser of the Digital Fair.

Mobile phone users have been urged to maximize the use of their gadgets by employing various applications to manage information and small and medium scale enterprises.

Mobile device manufacturer Tecno’s  head of marketing, Gloria Anampiu, says the 3G network services being rolled out by mobile service providers provide opportunity for users to employ more digital applications in their daily lives.

Anampiu said the 3G networks create opportunity  for feature phone users to move to the next segment of internet and smart phones.

Amanpiu who spoke during the Naiobi Digital Fair, where various companies and individual techies showcased latest ICT innovations, said Tecno will facilitate the growth of digital applications by providing the latest technology to mobile phone users at attractive prices.

“Tecno is well placed to be part of the growth process in the ICT sector by offering mobile gadgets loaded with advanced specifications,” she says.

She urged local mobile apps developers to work with device manufacturers so that their applications can be embedded on phones at the production stage.

“Kenya has a wealth of talent in the apps development sector and the fact that the apps are being designed to provide solutions for day to day challenges makes it easier for them to sell the idea of embedding the apps on the phone at the factory,” says Amanpiu.

The Organisers of the expo, whose theme was Powering the Digital Future said the event will become an annual event and extend to other countries within East Africa.

Speaking during the closing ceremony, the organizer Eyeball CEO Mr Matin Muli announced next year’s fair will focus on innovations.

Muli said although there has been a high growth in applications development in the country, their benefits are yet to penetrate the economy due to lack of awareness and limited access among Kenyans.

He said poor consumer culture and inappropriateness of some of the innovations are barriers to their adoption, especially among the poor.

“Digital technologies can only impact the lives of individuals in the society if they offer appropriate solutions to problems and are easily available for use at affordable prices,” said Muli.


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