Maryann Michuki decamps from Safaricom to Philips  

Safaricom’s digital and social media manager Maryann Michuki is leaving the company which she’s been part of since April 2009 to join Philips.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Ms Michuki joined the telco in April 2009 as a marketing communications assistant before assuming the role of digital assets manager one year later. In May 2011, she was appointed to her current position whose duties involves developing and implementing integrated digital strategies, management of Safaricom’s digital assets to ensure consistency and alignment of the brand image as well as championing the use of digital and social media to promote and enhance brand equity.

(TOP: Maryann Michuki).

Those in the know say that she’s just serving her leave before moving to her new role at Philips.

Prior to Safaricom, Ms Michuki had a short stint at GlaxoSmithKline as an intern.


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