Fraud-Vigilance’s Glinde 2.0 solution to protect clients from scams

CFraud-Vigilance a local Business fraud management solution company, today announced that it has launched Glinde 2.0, a fully integrated fraud management engine. The new service is in use by business at all levels including multinationals, banks, beer distributor, Safaricom dealers and supermarkets stores. Glinde 2.0 is aimed at helping the business owners to protect their capital investment in business and good employees from fraud.

Edwin Wachiye, Fraud-Vigilance CEO, said: “There are two basic drivers of fraud; the availability of the stock, cash, float, merchandise to be stolen/ misappropriated and the ability of the fraudster to get away with the loot. To put this into perspective fraud is committed by someone who is confident that they will get away scot free or the repercussions are minimal and delayed”

The numerous merchants and corporates already using the product have seen an immediate dip in-house fraud, which is their immediate and greatest risk. On sign up, the employees are promptly taken through a short training on how the product can influence their career positively or negatively.

“Kenyans are by and large very entrepreneurial. The biggest challenge they face is fraud by their own employees (In-house) and fraud by the public/customers against their business” explained Wachiye. “Our Engine gives business people real time localized fraud/market risk alerts, access to a national fraud lent employees data base, a toll free whistle blower line, national fraud statistics and maps.”

Using very advanced real-time streaming and analytics to log every incoming fraud alert, register it, localize and broad cast or database it. Once the information is fed into the system, any business person can log into the database submit reports, query the system and view reports.

Taking into consideration various database access challenges, our subscribers can interact with our platform through USSD, SMS, iOS, Android app, web portal among others.

The online database Engine also complements the real-time fraud alerts offering for quicker and proactive fraud management. Together, they help organizations improve fraud detection while focusing on delivering a great customer experience.

The Real-Time Fraud Prevention Engine leverages Glinde 2.0 unique technology to deliver a Engine that enables organizations to prevent fraudulent activity in real time, at both in store level and out store levels.

The Engine’s components include:

National employee reference database: – To manage employee theft (In-house fraud). The database provides an employee screening platform. We white list all employees with no fraud history; in addition the database proactively deters employees from fraud.

Whistle-blower line – This is a toll free line for customers, suppliers and employees to report any fraud lent activities in your organization. A structured questionnaire on the fraud, value, time, frequency, perpetrator etc is filled and sends to the business owner.

Fraud dashboard and maps – System generated fraud dash board and map. This captures in real time type, location, time etc. and can be tailored to capture all fraud trends and dynamics nationally, to specific shop on a street.

Broadcast fraud alerts – This helps manage the risk to the business by the public/customers. Signed up businesses will get real time localized alerts of any fraud threat in a radius of 10 kilometres in urban and 50 kilometres in rural areas. Our holistic fraud risk management by protecting the enterprise from fraud attacks across all channels and by automatically aggregating and routing alerts with NICE Actimize’s Enterprise Risk Case Manager


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