Pioneer targets Kenya’s PSV industry with new audio products

Pioneer Automatic Remote Control (ARC)
Pioneer Aadvanced Remote Control (ARC)

Car entertainment vendor Pioneer has unveiled new products in the market in a bid to tap into the country’s vibrant PSV industry.

The pioneer brand, which was formally launched in Kenya in 2009, has launched a series of products and solutions which will be sold via various appointed dealers including MPPS Piranha, Sight & Sound as well as outlets through outlets in Nairobi’s Luthuli Avenue.

The products come with one-year warranty though the products’ failure ratio is always very low, according to Anwara Hussein, senior manager, sales department, Pioneer Gulf.

“Sight & Sound is our service centre in Kenya. If you buy from them, you can negotiate for installation. In Kenya, we don’t manufacture cars so we negotiate with companies like Toyota East Africa to install our audio systems on the new cars,” said Rachael Wambua, assistant manager, sales department, Pioneer Gulf.

“Most of our sales come from the matatu industry. We have a model of a portable DVH unit which can play DVDs and USB. You know for matatus, they need to put up the big screens, which means using the Pioneer head unit and connect to the seats where the passengers are.  And then our sub-woofers are one of the best in the industry, you may have heard of the Pioneer tweeter. Then we’ve the amplifiers which are preferred by matatu owners,” said Wambua, adding, “We’ve been in Kenya since 2009 and we needed to tell people more about our technology. We want to inform potential customers about the value they can get from Pioneer products. We’re just re-enforcing our brand. We’re not competing on pricing but features and quality.”

Going beyond matatus, below are brief highlights about the products:

  • MIXTRAX – Pioneer’s revolutionary MIXTRAX virtual DJ technology transforms a music library into a nonstop DJ mix, inserting transitions and effects automatically to string together tunes from an iPhone, iPod or USB storage device. To truly recreate a club experience, users can also set the illumination and display to pulsate and change colour, according to the tempo and intensity of the music.
  • Pioneer ARC– For iPhone and Android smartphones, this free application offers a complete in-car entertainment solution, optimised for accessing content from both the receiver and connected device via USB. Android phone owners also have the flexibility to go completely wireless by utilising a Bluetooth connection. “The ARC app gives the user a full line-up of music files. It also enables you to change the source from radio, to CD and back. It is basically a gateway app which makes life and user’s entertainment experience easier and better and available from entry level to high-end,” said Prasanna Kumara, assistant manager, marketing department, Pioneer Gulf.
  • AOA2.0– Integrating this communication protocol enables the receivers to receive audio signals from a compatible Android smartphone, leveraging a USB-over-audio function. This provides similar third-party application compatibility like Pioneer ARC.

The Middle East arm of Pioneer Corporation, Pioneer Gulf FZE, ( PGF )’s core business covers the audio and video industries with a diversified range of products encompassing DVD-related products, home stereo systems, speakers, car audio visual and DJ equipment. In line with the corporate group philosophy “ Move the heart and Touch the soul “,  PGF aims to continuously touch people’s lives by introducing innovative products that will raise entertainment to the level of pure emotion.


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