LG’s Responsive Technology triumphs at #CES2016

CLG Electronics proved to be the dominant force in the recently concluded consumer electronics show (CES) 2016 in Las Vegas last week. From its integrated smart appliances that share information about your activities to make your home hum along seamlessly to its Ergonomic 4K HDR-enabled OLED TVs besides its internet of things prowess.

LG made a big impression at CES by rolling out its new line of disruptive and efficient smart appliances under the SmartThinQ banner. It included the incredible smart sensor which brings the convenience of internet of things to all types of devices by turning anything into a connected smart device. In addition to connecting users with older washing machines, Ovens and other appliances, the smart sensor is even capable of forging smart IoT connections with low tech items such as doors.

The excited attendees in the CES had one thing stuck in their mind: With Innovative and Intuitive technology as versatile as the smart sensor the only real limit was in their imagination. There was a lot more from LG’s “Internet of Things” including is new development in its automobile product – though not present in all markets. LG made a significant progress in improving the viability of electric cars.

In partnership with General motors, LG is poised to produce crucial components for the Chevrolet Bolt EV, including the electric drive motor and battery. But what sealed the CES 2016 was the announcement by LG to take OLED to the mainstream by breaking the $2000 dollar barrier. The move was a huge step forward for the Smart technology and LG as the Primary champion for transformative products.

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