Cameroon government, partners launch new programme for Mathematics teacher training

CThe Ministries of Secondary Education and Higher Education and the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) announced the launch of the Mathematics Teacher Training Program (MTTP) in Cameroon in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation, CAMTEL, and Google. The announcement was made following the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) in Yaounde today.

As Africa continues on an unprecedented growth trajectory and innovation plays an increasingly important role in the development and realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), mathematics education has been highlighted as a vital catalyst for the rearing of students who are problem-solvers and thought leaders. The implementation of the MTTP in Cameroon, a five year pilot program, will contribute significantly to building the pipeline of excellent mathematics students who will drive Cameroon’s development forward.

“The MTTP will enhance the quality of secondary school mathematics education in both the Francophone and Anglophone education sub-systems in Cameroon,” said Mr Jean Ernest Massena NGALLE BIBEHE, Minister of Secondary Education. “The program will ensure that knowledge, skills and confidence are enhanced to improve the quality of the teaching and the learning of mathematics in Cameroon.”

The MTTP program encompasses various activities, including:
* A “train the trainer” cascade approach where the pedagogical expertise of all mathematics lecturers at the three Higher Teacher Training Colleges (HTTCs) and one Technical Teachers Training College (TTTC) is enhanced, forming a core pedagogical team that will provide training to student-teachers at the pre-service stage, and facilitate opportunities for up-skilling of existing in-service teachers and inspectors.
* Curriculum development of updated, innovative, relevant, gender sensitive curricula and teaching resources.
* A Community of Practice for math’s teachers across the country, providing support and resources through an ICT platform, as well as through annual national and regional teacher conferences.
* Activities aimed at raising public awareness of the importance of maths for national development processes through a National Awards Program that recognizes the top math students, their teachers and schools.
* Education policy advocacy to ensure consistent quality control of teacher qualification and assessment criteria; update and standardize curriculum content and to increase investment in teacher training.

“The government of Cameroon has worked in partnership with AIMS for several years and has continuously demonstrated a strong determination and dedication, through the Ministries of Higher Education, Secondary Education, External Relation and Finance and Ministry of State Property and Land Tenure, to provide students in Cameroon with the highest standards of education in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields,” said Mr Thierry Zomahoun, President and CEO of AIMS. “The MTTP program extends our partnership to contribute in building the pipeline for the scientific, technological and social development of Cameroon.”

The MTTP’s “train the trainer approach” will ensure that all the lecturers (approximately 50) at the three HTTCs (High Teacher Training Colleges), including the HTTTC (High Technical Teacher Training Colleges) in Kumba, are equipped to effectively train approximately 1,200 pre-service and 1,920 in-service math teachers who are ultimately responsible for over 1.7 million secondary school students across the country. The program will increase the transition rates between educational levels in science and mathematics, especially for girls.

“We look forward to the impact that the MTTP will have on Cameroon’s education system and on building the pipeline of mathematics students who will lead the economic and technological advancement of the country and of Africa in the future,” said Prof. Jacques FAME NDONGO, Minister of Higher Education.


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