TESPOK rebrands, replaces ‘telecoms’ with ‘technology’ in its name

TESPOKTechnology Service Providers of Kenya (TESPOK) rebranded in the last quarter of 2015 from Telecommunications Service Providers of Kenya. The decision to drop the Telecommunications and take up Technology is driven by the vision of widening its scope so as to advocate for businesses in the entire ICT industry.

In its new role as Technology Service Providers of Kenya, TESPOK is keen on addressing the interests of software, hardware and content developers, network integrators, contractors ICT sub sectors in addition to its traditional membership. The change now puts the lobby group at par with the government that not so long ago consolidated its ICT implementation functions under ICTA. In a fast changing industry such as ICT the ability to focus on all issues that ensure business continuity in a conducive environment is important.

Since inception in 1999, TESPOK has been involved in a number of initiatives in its efforts to influence government policy formulation and implementation, and in its position to provide industry guidance and reference in technology matters.

TESPOK actively participates in initiatives both at the local, regional and international levels.

Among the organisation’s key achievements is the formation of the Kenya Internet Exchange Point (KIXP)where currently 29 network operators are peering their local traffic thus improving their interconnect speeds and reducing bandwidth costs. Through the KIXP, Kenyans now enjoy faster transmission of electronic mail within the country, and speedy browsing of websites hosted by connected local Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Routing of local traffic within Kenya has ultimately resulted in cheaper faster Internet access as more service providers get connected to the Exchange. The establishment of this exchange point was applauded worldwide as it was the first exchange to be established in Africa outside of South Africa and since 2007 has been recognized as one of the fastest growing IXPs on the continent.

The successful and groundbreaking initiative to bring the registration of Kenyan Internet Domain name under the auspices of KENIC, the national registry for .ke cCTLD ( Country Code Top Level domain). The development, transformation and support of KENIC the national cCTLD has been of interest to TESPOK from the onset with the stability of KENIC being a key aspect of internet penetration and access within the country as more Kenyans identify themselves with the .ke domain. The multistakeholder approach adopted has seen other countries encouraged to adopt the Kenya’s model. KENIC makes it easier to maintain existing and obtain new Kenyan Domains.

In 2011, TESPOK was recognized as having the first active Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) in the country. This has contributed towards facilitating online security for end users. The process was automated in 2012 and the industry body is able to provide both proactive and reactive support to members.

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