Eritrea mandatory polygamy, Tanzania miniskirts ban article claim casualty from Standard Group

CThe two articles that have been on every one’s lips and doing rounds in social media for the past two weeks – that is the Eritrea mandatory and the Tanzania miniskirts ban articles – have claimed their first casualty from the Standard Group after it was discovered that they were all non-factual.

According to an article in BusinessToday, Standard Group’s Digital Editor David Ohito has been transferred to Kisumu as a bureau chief, after ostensibly after the firm was put in the spotlight over the stories that were published in its digital platforms.

“Yes, performance for Kisumu, Eldoret and Kakamega Bureaus were a concern to the management. That is why Mr Ohito has technically been demoted to a bureau chief though he has been told he will act for a month. It is a common strategy used to sort out people in newsrooms,” BusinessToday quotes a source from the source.

“While sources at the Group indicated Mr Ohito will be in Kisumu for a month to ‘put things in order’, those familiar with a bureau chiefs’ meeting held at the Standard Group Centre in Mombasa Road yesterday say two particularly embarassing articles – the ban on mini-skirts in Tanzania and compulsory polygamy in Eritrea – could have necessitated the action,” stated BusinessToday.

The miniskirts ban story led the Tanzania government, through the President John Pombe Magufuli office, to send out a strongly-worded statement to the Standard, leading the media house to pull down the article and later apologise.

Protest letter from Tanzania government about miniskirts article.
Protest letter from Tanzania government about miniskirts article.

Eritrea’s government, through its Information Minister, Yemane Gebremeskel, also protested about the mandatory polygamy article, tweeting that “Media frenzy to parrot this ludicrous, fabricated & trite story of the Mufti’s presumed religious decree on mandatory polygamy is appalling.” In another tweet, Mr Gebremeskel noted that “The story illustrates vileness of z dark forces of disinformation & proclivity of others to readily embrace z negative narrative on Eritrea”.

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