GMO Registry wins .SHOP (dotShop) domain with bid price of Kshs 4.15 billion

CJapan’s GMO Registry has won the rights to the ‘.shop’ (dotShop) gTLD after outbidding 6 other contenders with a winning price of US $ 41.5 million (Kshs 4.15 billion). Among the contenders for the domain were Google and Amazon.

Earlier on, Power Auctions, ICANN’s authorized auction service provider, conducted a New gTLD Program Auction on January 27, 2016 to resolve string contention for the .shop  gTLD ater it was previously identified as an indirect contention set consisting of both the .SHOP and .SHOPPING strings.

“The applicants for .SHOPPING have resolved their contention amongst themselves, eliminating the linkage between .SHOP and .SHOPPING. The remaining contention set is a direct contention set for the string .SHOP. The applicants were unable to resolve contention among themselves; thus their contention set proceeded to auction, which is the method of last resort to resolve string contention as prescribed in Module 4 of the New gTLD Program Applicant Guidebook. Subject to payment of the winning price and meeting all other criteria for eligibility, the winner will enter ICANN’s contracting process to sign a Registry Agreement to operate the gTLD,” stated ICANN in a statement. “All proceeds from the Auction are being segregated and withheld from use until ICANN’s Board of Directors define a plan for an appropriate use of the funds through consultation with the community.”

Founded in 2009, GMO Registry is the first such business in Japan; and it is one of many business that make up the highly successful and diversified, GMO Internet Group. In November, 2011, it was announced that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government had chosen to work with GMO Registry and its partner, Cloud Registry, on its proposed .tokyo gTLD. It is one of two applicants for .osaka. GMO Registry is listed as the applicant on 8 new gTLD applications and is the Registry Provider for 27 applications. However, the firm no longer works with Cloud Registry.

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  1. Hi ben – We actually operate our own backend now and are no longer working with Cloud Registry – but thank you for your post on the .shop auction – we are super excited to have won!

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