CaseWare Africa’s User Group programme set for Kenya and Nigeria 

Building on the success of the company’s annual User Group meeting in South Africa, where over 1000 users attending the event held in November last year, CaseWare Africa will be bringing  these free to attend User Group forums to Nigeria and Kenya in February 2016.

“Today, the only certainty in the world’s economies and business markets, is change. Of late we have been reminded of the ‘trickle-down’ impact that macroeconomic influences have on even the most sophisticated or fastest growing economies in Africa,” says Theuns Holtshousen, Divisional Business Leader: Africa, CaseWare Africa. “Where the financial profession is no different. In fact, in addition to looking at adapting to ongoing market challenges, this profession – including financial officers, accountants and auditors – are faced with numerous other changes; in standards, regulations and new ways of working and there can be no doubt that the profession needs to adapt to thrive.”

It is with this in mind that CaseWare Africa will be hosting events in Nigeria and Kenya during the month of February 2016 and implores all users, or businesses and practices that are considering adopting a software solution, to attend the User Group forums.

Under the banner of “transformation” CaseWare Africa will be hosting separate sessions targeted at accounting and auditing practitioners, and business financial professionals.

Holtshousen indicates that the CaseWare Africa User Groups brings together industry leaders, technology innovators and peers in accounting and auditing, all of whom are passionate about the industry and creating sustainable and profitable practices and businesses all over the continent.

“The financial professional is changing. Today, financial offices and practitioners, alike, are expected to focus on more than just the numbers and have to demonstrate value through strategic focus on the client or business’ forward moving objectives.”

“With this change, comes more pressure and responsibility to not only prepare financial statements and monthly management reports, but to interpret the information and advise the client or business towards meeting the strategic end objectives. Because we understand both the challenges and opportunities presented by this changing role, we use these User Group forums to dive into the details on how practices and financial departments need to transform now, so they can win in the future – and how technology is undoubtedly driving this change.”

To put this in perspective; today one of the biggest challenge for the financial profession across Africa is how to best balance compliance requirements, while still managing workflow and skilling teams. “Our User Group forums are designed specifically around the users – accounting and auditing practitioners and the corporate market, alike – and are built around helping our users reduce the overhead of compliance.”

“From these forums, we want to ensure that all users get the most out of the technology, so they can spend less time on compiling financial statements and more time interpreting the information to help differentiate their business. This is why we have made these forums free to attend, so that all financial professionals can access these forums and benefit from the insights that will be provided,” concludes Holtshousen.

During each User Group forum, CaseWare Africa will have presentations on the latest CaseWare technology that will drive and grow practices and businesses; how to utilise CaseWare technology to get the best results and also provide an update on the latest compliance requirements for IFRS, IFRs for SME, ISA and IPSAS, where applicable

The event details are available here.

CaseWare is a provider of auditing and financial reporting software with clients in over 130 countries worldwide. The firm has about 15,000 users across Africa, consisting of audit and accounting firms, government entities, municipalities as well as large blue chip companies.

CaseWare is the undisputed leader when it comes to compliance. Our leading content providers ensure you are always compliant with the latest disclosure changes on ISAs, IFRS and IPSAS. Our world-class products are not only designed to deliver on our compliance promise, but ensure quality results, increased effectiveness and improved profitability.

The firm works with partners in Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana and Zambia as well as local distributors.


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