NodeAfrica moves servers to East Africa Data Centre to enhance service uptime

Kenya’s, and by extension, the region’s newest cloud service provider, NodeAfrica, has became the latest in a growing list of companies that have of late decided to take up space and move their servers to the East Africa Data Centre (EADC) situated at Sameer Business Park along Mombasa Road.

Just a few weeks back, on January 28 to be precise, Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC) also announced that it had relocated its servers to EADC, in a move meant to ensure 100 per cent service delivery uptime.

NodeAfrica was launched six weeks after its founders unceremoniously left another cloud services firm, Angani, which they had built up to become a recognized brand in the industry.

In a message posted on social media on Saturday February 13, the firm announced that it is taking up space at EADC for its servers.

“We believe that Africa will be the cloud first continent. We’ve got a dedicated, competent team of engineers and a solid technical platform. This photo is of the team racking servers in our first availability zone, at East Africa Datacenter. We will deal with the headache of IT infrastructure so that you may focus on your core business. ‪#‎teamnodeafrica,” posted NodeAfrica on its Instagram page.

EADC, part of Liquid Telecom Kenya, offers hosting space for both African and international companies who need to protect their business critical applications and data in Africa. The facility provides space, power, cooling and physical security for the server, storage and networking equipment for the other firms.


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