Triberr, the bloggers’ social network, acquired by 99robots

Triberr, a platform which enables bloggers to have a wider reach by having fellow bloggers share their posts on their social networks, driving traffic back to the original blog, has been bought by 99robots.

99robots is a US-based web development and digital marketing agency founded over 8 years ago with a long client list which includes renowned brands.

By signing up and being a member of Triberr, a blogger (blog) is linked to other bloggers (known as tribes) through one can then be able to drive additional traffic to his / her website, get relevant content / posts submitted by members of the ‘tribe’ and even derive revenue from the links with the other members.

Marketing agencies and advertising firms also make use of the Triberr platform by having particular members push their campaigns as influencers.

Following the acquisition, Dino Dogan, Triberr’s co-founder, has now handed over the reins to the 99robots team led by Charlie Patel.

In an email announcing the development, Dino stated that Triberr had been bought by 99robots, a firm which also “shares the vision of helping bloggers get the traffic their content deserves.”

“Triberr launched in 2011 when Dan and I invited a small group of friends to share each other’s content on a crappy little website we slapped together over the weekend. Five years later, Triberr has become a gigantic community of talented bloggers who help each other reach a greater audience,” he stated.

In 2015 Triberr acquired Scoutle, an Amsterdam-based analytics startup. By 2014, the platform’s client list included Sears, Xerox, Godiva and Cottonelle among others.

“In 2012, we launched many cool features that we had to phase out for one reason or another. The reblog, Triberr Comment System, inbreeding… we even had Medium comments before there was a Medium. Those were the days…And there have been some incredible blunders along the way. Remember when MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from “” claiming to be I forgot to renew the domain? Pepperidge Farm remembers,” Dino added nostalgically.


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