TagPay wins Kalahari Award at 6th Remittance and Mobile Money Expo in Lagos

Tagattitude CEO, Yves Eonnet (right), receiving the Kalahari Award for Best Technology Enabler Platform at the 6th Remittance and Mobile Money Expo in Lagos, Nigeria.
Tagattitude CEO, Yves Eonnet (right), receiving the Kalahari Award for Best Technology Enabler Platform at the 6th Remittance and Mobile Money Expo in Lagos, Nigeria.

Tagattitude, the innovative French FinTech, has won a Kalahari Award for its digital banking platform, TagPay at the 6th Remittance and Mobile Money Expo, held in Lagos, Nigeria.

The award recognizes TagPay as the best technology enabler platform. With Near Sound Data Transfer Technology at its core, the TagPay platform can turn any mobile device into a payment tool, without changing its hardware or software. Be it a feature phone or a smartphone, the end-client can save, send and spend his money freely, right at his fingertips.

Financial service providers use TagPay to offer financial services directly on their clients’ mobile phones, thanks to a wide variety of channels, including IVR, the web and sound. With this specific channel, there is no need to depend on the USSD channel controlled by mobile network operators to process mobile transactions.

The TagPay digital banking platform manages all of the transactions that a bank needs: P2P money transfer, salary disbursement, bill payment, and transactions at the point of sale. TagPay also manages the entire branchless banking agent network, making it possible to follow and control all operations in real-time from headquarters.

Yves Eonnet, Tagattitude’s CEO, received the award in Lagos, saying that it  “was a great honor. The award recognizes the impact that TagPay’s technology can have in building new financial service ecosystems in Africa. We have built TagPay, bringing the best technology to the table, in order to help financial institutions reach their financial inclusion goals.”

Yves Eonnet presented the case study of the Trust Merchant Bank, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The Trust Merchant Bank’s mobile financial service, Pepele Mobile, powered by TagPay, helps the bank reach the last mile and bank the vast unbanked populations of the country.

The Kalahari Awards were presented at the 6th Remittance and MobileMoneyExpo in Lagos, Nigeria. Emmanuel Okoegwale, Principal Associate of Mobile Money Expo, oversaw the awards. “We congratulate all of the award winners today and it is our sincere hope that the honor will inspire better innovation in 2016 and beyond,” he said. “MobileMoneyAfrica is proud to be celebrating the 6th Kalahari awards, which celebrates innovative leaders in e-commerce, payments, remittances and mobile financial services.”

The Kalahari awards are dedicated to acknowledging creativity, commitment and excellence in the digital payments and remittance industry across Africa. The awards are given to organizations that have made significant contributions to the remittance and mobile financial services sector by making financial services more affordable and more available, thereby creating impactful developments in Africa.

Tagattitude has developed a digital banking platform, called TagPay that powers financial services in 20 countries, with a strong footprint in Africa.

The TagPay platform is the backbone of mobile financial services implemented by banks, microfinance organizations, MNOs and FinServs. The TagPay platform is omnichannel and ubiquitous. With TagPay, end users can receive their salaries, ask for a loan, pay bills, transfer money and pay at a point of sale.

Tagattitude’s sound payment technology, NSDT, turns every existing phone into a contactless payment tool and authentication device, regardless of the MNO, be it a feature phone or smartphone.


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