Judiciary’s digitization process rollout begins today at Milimani Law Courts

The Judiciary has begun the pilot phase of digitizing its court proceedings in order to ensure that Judges don’t have to write longhand proceedings as this will now be recorded and availed to the public after 24 hours.

In a newspaper advert published last week, Elizabeth Tanui, deputy registrar at the Milimani Law Courts stated that the process of digitising court proceedings will be rolled out from today – Wednesday February 17 – with the pilot being conducted at Milimani Law Court’s Commercial and Admiralty Division in Nairobi on February 17.

“The digitization of court proceedings is now here… The intention is that judges will no longer write proceedings longhand and proceedings will be available 24 hours after the court rises,” states Ms Tanui in the advert published in the major daily newspapers.


The digitization process marks the beginning of the rollout of the Judiciary’s Audiovisual and Transcription System also called JAVIT being implemented by IDLO Consultants.

Before the beginning of the pilot, the Deputy Registrar urged lawyers practicing at the Commercial and Admiralty Division to interact and familiarize themselves with the JAVIT system. As part of this, a sensitization session was conducted on Monday February 15 at the Milimani Law Courts where judges of the division, Judiciary’s ICT Directorate and representatives from IDLO Consultants provided technical support and responded to various queries.

After the pilot in Nairobi, the JAVIT programme is expected to be rolled out to other regions in the country.

In mid November 2015, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga said during a meeting with business leaders that in line with the Judiciary Transformation Framework on Harnessing Technology as an enabler for Justice, the actualization of the digitization of court proceedings would be rolled out in the Commercial & Admiralty Division in January 2015.

“The intention being that Judges will no longer write proceedings longhand and proceedings will be available 24 hours after the court rises. The Judiciary Audio visual and Transcription system (JAVIT) will promote better administration of Justice and delivery of quality legal services to Court Users,” CJ Mutunga said while launching a committee to fast-track resolution of business sector disputes.

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