Mobisol Group to launch new solar technology in Kenya, target low-income households

Germany’s Mobisol Group in partnership with German Development Bank, is set to launch its solar power technology in Kenya for low income households at an event scheduled for Juja Town on next Monday.

Mobisol solar solutions work on a rent-to-own model, allowing low income households to make flexible daily payments for a powerful, efficient and reliable 80watt Solar system, saving over 60 percent of their daily income which they spend on the Kerosene and charcoal.

The solar energy solution will allow the households to use the power for more than lighting but connect any electronics including TVs, computers, refrigerator and other electric appliances in the household.

Mobisol’s solar solutions and its payment model is likely to bring competition to the door-steps of Safaricom-affiliated M-Kopa Solar which also allows clients to make daily payments for the units.

Mobisol is already in Tanzania where its solutions are used by businesses like barbershops and saloons. It recently connected 40,000 households in Rwanda and Tanzania.


With the launch in Kenya, the company targets to connecting its 200,000th customer in East Africa. It has so far installed over 27,000 solar home systems in East Africa.

Mobisol combines solar energy with an affordable payment plan via mobile phone, comprehensive customer service and innovative remote monitoring technology. The Berlin-based company offers low-income customers in developing nations quality solar home systems that are a clean alternative to unhealthy, environmentally harmful, and expensive fossil fuels.

The systems come in varying sizes – from 80 to 200 Wp – to match the various energy needs of differing households. Mobisol solar home systems provide enough electricity to power bright LED lights, radios, mobile phones and a variety of household and consumer appliances. The larger systems can also power small businesses enabling entrepreneurial customers to create additional income.


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