RoadEyes seeking $ 110,000 via KickStarter, to fund its connected and social dashcam project

The manufacturer of a camera that can be connected to a car’s dashboard, allowing the driver to capture, save and share images and videos while on the road without stopping the car has launched a campaign via KickStarter with a target of US $110,000 (€ 100,000).

Developed by Paris-based RoadEyes, recSMART is billed as ‘the first connected and social dashcam that allows you to capture, save and share moments from the road.’ It is a dashcam with built-in WiFi and GPS that seamlessly connects to one’s smartphone while automatically and continuously recording the journey – vehicle position, speed, time as well as Full HD video of the road – thereby allowing the person to share photos and videos from the road with other drivers and one’s social networks.

When the driver starts the vehicle, the camera automatically and continuously records on the embedded 8GB Class 10 Micro-SD card while new files automatically overwrite older ones.

Journeys, locations, videos or pictures sent from the camera to the smartphone via WiFi can be shared by email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat, Youtube, Snapchat etc. Users can also share their content with the RoadEyes community, as the application hosts its own feed on which registered users can post their contents and tell their driving story.

recSMART can also act as a road safety device. In case of a brutal acceleration or collision detected by the G-sensor, a sequence of 10 seconds (5 seconds before and 5 seconds after the shock) will automatically become secure and non-erasable on the Micro SD card. This will provide an objective video evidence in case of an accident, aggression or any other crucial road incident. Depending on one’s country, such evidence is admissible in court and for insurance purposes.

The device is a video black box for vehicles with a 140° wide-angle, equipped with a 3-axis G-sensor, WiFi connectivity, microphone and speaker, a 260 mAh built-in battery and a magnetic holder with GPS antenna to be mounted onto the windshield.

It also comes with an innovative wireless remote button to be placed on the steering wheel, the instrument panel or near the gear to take photos and videos without having to manipulate the camera or smartphone. The wireless remote button is connected to the camera wirelessly. When pressed, it will take a picture and a corresponding video (5 seconds before and after pressing) that will be pushed and automatically saved onto your smartphone (iOS & Android).

The KickStarter campaign has already realised €6,504 (US $ 7154.4 ) in pledges from 51 people since it launched with 24 days still left to go.

The RoadEyes App allows you to share photos, videos and locations right off the road with our community of drivers across the globe and your own social networks.

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