Jo’burg City goes smart, develops mobile app to find and fix potholes

That technology – and more so mobile telephony – is pervading each and every area of our everyday lives cannot be over emphasized. Be it in payments, healthcare, transport and even shopping, we’ve come to rely more and more on our mobile phones.

And it’s definitely in light of this that Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) has decided to go hi-tech in its quest to fix potholes in South Africa’s capital city, partnering with software developers to come up with a mobile app for identifying where potholes are and later moving to fix the potholes.

JRA is a city-owned agency responsible for the maintenance, repair and development of Johannesburg’s road network and storm water infrastructure, including bridges, culverts, traffic lights and signage.

The JRA Find & Fix mobile app, available for both Android and iOS deveices, was developed by Intervate South Africa allow the logging of road issues (from potholes to every road-related issue) directly to the JRA portal and is targeted for use by the residents of the Greater City of Johannesburg in South Africa.

The Find & Fix mobile application was developed to enhance the JRA’s reachability and customer service. The app allows road users to report road related defects at the click of a button. It was developed in 2014 and has user-friendly features that enable road users to snap, register the location and notify the JRA of potholes, missing manhole covers, weeds growing on the road, defective traffic signals and other related infrastructural faults for urgent attention,” states JRA on its website.

“The City of Johannesburg’s population is constantly growing. As the City’s roads authority, this ever-growing population means the JRA must always be at the forefront of innovation and community engagement – e empowering citizens to be our eyes and ears, everywhere, to report road related issues.”

Since it went live in 2014, the Find & Fix app has won three awards in the Microsoft Partner Network Awards – Microsoft Application Development of the Year Award, Public Sector Industry Award and the Prestigious Managing Director’s Award.

To download and use the JRA Find & Fix app, one’s device should be running Windows Phone 8, Android or iOS. The app has so far been installed by between 5,000 to 10,000 users.

The JRA was established in January 2001 with the City of Johannesburg being the sole shareholder. The JRA’s core competencies are the planning, design, construction, operation, control, rehabilitation and maintenance of the roads and stormwater infrastructure in the City of Johannesburg. The main responsibilities include the construction and/or maintenance of bridges/culverts, traffic signals/traffic signal systems, footways, road signage and road markings.


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