StarTimes Kenya caps monthly rates of both Satellite and Terrestrial packages at Kshs 1,500

StarTimes Media has announced the alignment of its top satellite (Direct To Home – DTH) and terrestrial (Digital Terrestrial Technology – DTT) bouquets that will see the subscription costs to the top bouquets capped at just Kshs 1,499 per month.

Super and Unique bouquets are the highest monthly packages offered by the pay television company for its Satellite and Terrestrial platforms respectively with access to over 100 international and local channels offering a variety of informative and entertainment content.

The alignment represents a 40% and 29% drop in the cost of the monthly subscription for the two bouquets which were previously retailing at Kshs 2,499 for Super and Kshs 2,099 for Unique.

Speaking on this latest development, StarTimes Vice President Mr. Mark Lisboa noted that the move is advised by the need to offer affordable digital television solutions for Kenyans in rural and urban areas through either the satellite or terrestrial platforms while driving accessibility of the company’s digital television service.

“This is a significant development that will see Kenyans enjoy a uniform monthly subscription fee for our top bouquets at just Kshs 1,499 which is driven by our goal to see more Kenyan households access, afford and enjoy premium digital television services,” noted Lisboa.

Other bouquets on both platforms will not be affected and will continue to retail as seen below:

StarTimes Satellite (DTH) Bouquets Number of Channels Price Per Month
Nova Over 35 channels Ksh 399
Smart 69+ including 25 Audio Ksh 899 includes all sports channels
Super 100+; 4 HD; 25 Audio Ksh 1,499 includes all sports channels + Indian bouquet
Chinese 12 Channels Ksh 1,999 including Super bouquet
Indian 9 Channels Ksh 899 available as an add on package for smart bouquet


StarTimes Terrestrial (DTT) Bouquets Number of Channels Price Per Month
Nyota 10 International + over 55 FTA channels Ksh 199
Basic 37+ Ksh 499 includes all sports channels
Classic 57+; 4 HD; Ksh 999 includes all sports channels
Unique 76+ Channels Ksh 1,499 including all sports channels

(The packages provide subscribers  with access to all sports channels: LIVE German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, and World Rally Championships (WRC) among other sports).

StarTimes has equally effected a 20% drop in the cost of acquiring the company’s satellite television decoders from Ksh 2,499 to 1,999 which will be inclusive of Kshs 1,499 subscription which new subscribers can enroll with to a bouquet of choice.

The full installation for a StarTimes Satellite Television kit will now cost Kshs 3,999 being Kshs 2,000 for a Dish, LNB, 20m Cable and accessories in addition to the 1,999 cost of the decoder loaded with subscription worth Kshs 1,499.

The company has retained the cost of acquiring the company’s digital terrestrial set top boxes at just Kshs 949 which will be inclusive of Kshs 499 subscription.

“We aim to offer Kenyan households the freedom to choose the technology that suits them at the most affordable cost while equally availing premium television content that is both informative and entertaining,” concluded Mr. Lisboa.



  1. It is very frustrating to get very poor services as i get from startimes and have no way to report or at least vent the frustration. Join social media to get feedback from your customers.

  2. Please kindly advice, i have a free to air decoder NO. 02128302530, How much am i supposed to recharge on monthly basis to view all channels. Am based in Nairobi, Kayole area

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