Telkom Kenya rolls out new prefix 0776

Telkom Kenya has today rolled out a new mobile number prefix, expanding its number ranges to meet an increasing demand for mobile services in the market.

The new lines will buttress the existing 0770, 0771, 0772, 0773, 0774 and 0775 in a timely bid to meet the growing demand for its network services across the country.

Telkom Kenya’s subscribers stood at 4.4 million as per the first quarter sector statistics report for the financial year 2015/2016, released by the industry regulator the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA).

Speaking when he confirmed the release of the new number range, George Mlaghui, Telkom Kenya’s Chief Corporate Communications Officer said the move is in anticipation for further subscriber growth for this financial year.

“Telkom Kenya’s 400,000 new customers in the last quarter, in a competitive market last quarter, was an affirmation that we are a fast growing network that is meeting the evolving needs of its customers with inventive, pocket-friendly solutions across the contemporary customer preferences,” he added.

“We are optimistic of a subscriber spike owing to our continued customer-centric approach on valuable customer experience, Internet-enabled devices, mobile voice and data packages,” said Mlaghui.

Data from CA showed that the mobile voice and data market in the country maintained a solid upward trend in the quarter under review.

Mobile subscriptions stood at 37.8 million up from 36.1 million while the data/Internet market subscriptions moved upward to 21.6 million up from 19.9 million subscriptions recorded in the last quarter.

Telkom Kenya’s mobile voice and data packages continue to contribute to a substantial percentage of the firm’s total revenue quarter on quarter.

“The mobile voice and data solution rates continued to be the most competitive for both Telkom Kenya and cross network subscribers in the last quarter. The new number range will further support uptake of these solutions,” said Mlaghui.

According to Mlaghui, the telco is consolidating voice and data usage across the country with mobile device offers for entry-level Internet-enabled phones following the successful entry of Kaduda at Kshs 1,000.

“The recent introduction of affordable devices like Orange Klif at KSh 3,499, that comes with a free 2GB data bundle, the Alcatel Pixi 3 and Microsoft Lumia 435 retailing at KSh 5,499 and KSh 8,499, respectively making up some of the devices on offer, will reinforce the ongoing network expansion’s provision of quality, competitive devices for entry level and price-conscious customers,” said Mlaghui.

With industry competition centered on mobile Internet provision, Telkom Kenya has in the recent past embarked on a KSh 1 billion programme bringing forth an increasing number of innovative products and services to its customers.

“This milestone has led to increased speed to connect with customers enabling Telkom Kenya’s 3G coverage expansion to more than 40 urban Centres across the country by late 2015,” said Mlaghui.

The most recent CA sector statistics indicated that mobile penetration had reached 88.1% during the first quarter for the financial year 2015/2016. Pre-paid mobile subscriptions also grew to stand at 36.8 million subscribers from 35.1 million subscribers.

Telkom Kenya demonstrated improvement with the quarter under review recording 11.8 percent market share from 11.2 percent, from the previous quarter.


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