Huawei signs up Lionel Messi as its Global Brand Ambassador

Huawei has announced Lionel Messi’s appointment as its latest Global Brand Ambassador. The partnership with Lionel Messi showcases the brand’s alignment with people and brands that demonstrate, and strive towards its shared value of connecting greatness.

“We are happy to announce our collaboration with an extraordinary individual who inspires people all over the world to pursue their dreams, to face challenges to become better with each day. A man who shares the same values with the Huawei brand and who always looks for opportunities to reach greatness,” said Peter Hu, Regional Managing Director, Huawei ESA.

(TOP: Lionel Messi -second from left – with other Huawei execs during his unveiling as the firm’s global brand ambassador on March 18).

Speaking of the partnership, Lionel Messi said: “You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and go all in, always looking forward to achieving greatness. The day you think there are no improvements to be made, you have to keep working for reaching other achievements.”


“This partnership is testament of Huawei belief that challenges test our desire to achieve what we want and love. To connect with greatness, we have to value the growth, learning, experiences and struggles as the parts of our story that took us where we are now. Those who understand that are always pursuing not success but challenges, to be better. It is because of this relentless pursuit for greatness that drives Huawei investment on the African continent,” added Huawei in statement.

Speaking on its African investment, Hu said: “Huawei’s commitment to the African region is evidenced by the successful integration of the brand into the lives of the African people. In the East Southern Africa (ESA) Region, the company is currently ranked 2nd, based on smart device shipments in the previous year.

Furthermore, market research indicates that Huawei smart phone in ESA region had reached 15% by the end of 2015. We are also making inroads with our premium device offering, whereby our P8 Lite won product of the year awards in South Africa.”

“Lionel Messi will help our brand to encourage people, including our African people to focus, persevere and breakthrough; to connect with greatness. By connecting greatness, we as Huawei, demonstrate our passion to our customers,” concluded, Hu.

Huawei’s products and services are available in more than 170 countries, and are used by a third of the world’s population, ranking third in the world in mobile phone shipments in 2015. Sixteen R&D centers have been set up in the United States, Germany, Sweden, Russia, India, and China. Huawei Consumer BG is one of Huawei’s three business units and covers smartphones, mobile broadband devices, home devices, PC & tablet, Wearables and cloud services. Huawei’s global network is built on 20 years of expertise in the telecom industry and is dedicated to delivering the latest technological advances to consumers around the world.


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