Mahindra Comviva upgrades its PreTUPS electronic recharge and prepaid management solution

Mahindra Comviva has announced the launch of PreTUPS 6.4, a smarter and advanced version of its widely deployed electronic recharge and prepaid management solution. PreTUPS is already deployed by over 55 mobile operators in more than 40 countries globally.

It has been integrated successfully with all the major IN platforms. Today, 10% of the world population’s recharge is done through PreTUPS powering mobile services for 840 million people globally. PreTUPS 6.4 takes electronic recharge and prepaid management to the next level by providing new features that add efficiency to the prepaid business. This new version is being deployed by many leading telecom operators in South Asia, Africa and Latin America.

PreTUPS 6.4 includes Geo-fencing which enables operators to dynamically set a physical perimeter and control sales within the defined geography. Geo-fencing combined with digital maps provide the operators with a bird’s eye view of the entire agent network in an easy to understand graphical format allowing them to take informed business decisions. It helps operators to track sales, forecast demand, monitor operations, and optimize agent network with location-based transaction tracking.

The advanced version encompasses Real-time Automatic Channel to Channel Transfer that makes account management simple and flexible for channel users (agents and distributors). The Auto C2C functionality of PreTUPS automatically credits the channel user’s account when it goes below the set threshold. This feature prevents stock-out situations at the agent level ensuring that no customer is ever turned down due unavailability of stock and thus preventing loss of revenues.

PreTUPS 6.4 has also improved loyalty and enhanced voucher management capabilities and functionality. This new version provides channel users with a greater visibility and control over loyalty programs by enabling them to enquire about their loyalty points, redeem points on their own and receive SMS notification throughout the promotion cycle. It supports management of multiple vouchers like prepaid, SMS, data, VAS and Wi-Fi vouchers, and also facilitates management of multiple denominations for each voucher type. These new features help prepaid business to become more effective and efficient.

Speaking on this, Srinivas Nidugondi, Senior VP and Head of Mobile Financial Solutions, Mahindra Comviva said, “In a hypercompetitive and rapidly changing marketplace, telecom operators need an evolved and dynamic electronic recharge platform. At Mahindra Comviva, we understand this demand and have upgraded PreTUPS. The advanced 6.4 version is a proven, comprehensive prepaid account management solution which will help multiple operators to keep pace with evolving market needs. It pushes the immensely popular prepaid model to its fullest potential, giving service providers a highly evolved and complete prepaid account management solution”. 

PreTUPS is a comprehensive electronic recharge and prepaid management solution that helps to create a demand-driven, lean and responsive organization. It facilitates higher sales, better customer satisfaction and lower inventory and distribution costs. From defining commissioning and price points to configuring transfer rules, the solution lets operators to efficiently structure multiple hierarchies suited to business needs. It is designed to deliver value across varied business scenarios by operating in both the assisted recharge and self-recharge modes. The assisted recharge mode is crafted to work across electronic and physical vouchers and the self-recharge mode facilitates the use of web and mobile platforms for recharge purpose.

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